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Come and work at MathWorks

My team is hiring! There's always several openings in the UK office, but at the moment we're particularly looking for a Parallel Computing Quality Engineer: that's basically working alongside me in the same job as I do. It'd be awesome if any of you wanted to come and apply for this job. Here are a few reasons why:

MathWorks are a fantastic company to work for

They really are. I've mentioned before one aspect of how they treat employees very well, but there are many others. The management is spectacularly clueful and take developers' opinions seriously; we really care about making incredibly high-quality software and have a sensible set of processes to help keep quality high without process getting in our way or getting bogged down in admin.

The company's also doing very well financially. We rode out the recession very well, and are well positioned to stay profitable even if one or two major market sectors crash (like happened with automotive and aerospace a few years back, and with finance a few months back). This also means that MathWorks pay competitively and offer great bonuses, and of course there are very good benefits.

The team is a great one to work in

The position is in Parallel Computing, which basically means supercomputers, distributed computing, and GPUs, even occasionally dealing with cloud-related things. It's a really interesting area to work in, and pretty cutting-edge.

The job is as a Quality Engineer, which is what I've done for the past 12 years. It means that most of the software you'd be writing is automated tests. But if you have bad associations with "software testing" from other companies, think again: MathWorks treats Quality Engineers extremely well, precisely in line with others in the development organisation. QE is a large department in MathWorks worldwide (maybe 200 people?) and well-supported. You'd be involved in design discussions of the shipping software from early on, and you'd be working with an extensive automated build and test system that runs automated tests to prequalify code before it integrates: no more "who broke the build"!

If you don't think you want a career in testing, that's fine too: MathWorks are happy for people to spend 2-3 years in QE and then move on to other areas of development.

So if you're a software engineer and you're near Cambridge (or would be willing to move here), please, drop your CV in, via me or at this link. Experience with parallel computing and/or MATLAB would be a definite plus, but isn't required if you're a quick learner.