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Another NaNoWriMo down

Whoooo. We did it, again. Rachael and I each hit 50000 words on Sunday evening, she at about 7:30pm and I at 7:45. Then we flopped, and later read each other's novels, surprising ourselves with how much the other enjoyed them.

As usual, Rachael finished her story around 45k, and spent the last few thousand words looking for character development scenes she could insert. And as usual, my story isn't quite done yet: it looks like it'll want about another 5k. (I'm still including the ~4k words which I cut at my reboot, so the thing will probably end up square around 50k.)

(Incidentally, sorry to those who'd have liked more LJ NaNo updates; it looks like not flying to the SuperComputing conference reduces my likelihood of making LJ posts about my novel.)

Overall, I think I'm happier with this year's story than I was with The Elevium Spies from 2007. The overall plot seemed to drive it better than I managed with Elevium (it helped that I actually knew from the start most of what that overall plot was this year). The characters have something approximating development, and interesting backplot revealed at appropriate times; the technology is fun (FLYING CHAPELS!), and I think I did all right at describing it from an in-world perspective (avoiding this kind of technobabble); the plot is vaguely twisty and more or less hangs together.

I'd still like to do a full rewrite, but I'm not sure I'll get around to it. But I think I will at least rewrite a few scenes that I think haven't come out well. Then I'd like to take it through the same self-publishing process I did with Ultimate Dream, and probably also put it online for people to read.

But for now I am completely exhausted. It's all very well having the last two days of November be a weekend to finish NaNo in, but you kinda want a weekend after NaNo to recover. I didn't end up taking a couple of days off work to write in late November as I have in previous years, so I think I might take tomorrow off instead to rest.

Oh, and I did manage to continue my four-year tradition of including a flying castle :)



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Dec. 1st, 2008 01:44 pm (UTC)
Where are the stories themselves?
Dec. 1st, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC)
There's an excerpt on my NaNoWriMo user page, and my first sentence is included in a previous post. The rest won't be made public until I (a) finish the story, which should take a couple more days, and (b) decide whether to rewrite a few scenes as I mentioned above.

I'm assuming you mean "where can I read them" rather than "where are they stored" (on our hard drives) or "where are they set" (R's is in London; mine is in an alternate world a bit like America's Old West, but with some higher tech and some lower).
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