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Hit my target

Had a great weekend. Rachael and I saw a Gilbert & Sullivan that we've not seen before, Utopia Limited, which was extremely silly and good fun. I'd decided a couple of months ago that I'd like to make an effort to see each of the G&S operettas that I haven't seen, and Utopia Limited was going to be the hardest of those to find, so I was delighted when Rachael discovered Girton Operatic were performing it. It was utterly ridiculous and delightfully funny. Then over the rest of the weekend, we saw some friends; we played a little sport; I solved the problem with my computer's graphics card...

And I hit my target for the end of February for Mermaid Liaisons!

I was aiming to have at least one route through Chapter 5 of Mermaid Liaisons written by the end of February. Well, I was up till 12:45 on Sunday night writing, but I reached that point, which I'm counting as a success. (Technically you could say I missed by 45 minutes, but...)

Even with the missing sections of Chapter 5, it still exceeded 64k, which means I had to split it into two files for my PDA's poor text editor. That's about 11000 words, though that includes Ren'Py commands and a few comments; probably between 9000 and 10000 player-visible words this chapter.
The wordcounts for what's currently written in each of the chapters, along with how complete I think that is:
Chapter 1: 6000 words, 95%, 1 scene to finish.
Chapter 2: 9500 words, 85%, 4 scenes to add/finish.
Chapter 3: 10500 words, 95%, 1 scene to finish.
Chapter 4: 9000 words, 70%, several scenes to do
Chapter 5: 11000 words, 70%, several scenes to do
Chapter 6: Starting today!

So the plans for coming months are:
March: Write Chapter 6. Have one or preferably two routes through Chapter 6, including the one route that has a chunk of extra plot, finished by end of March.
April: Fill in most of the gaps and still-to-write sections. Get the script into Ren'Py and bugfixed and directed by end of April.
May: Fill remaining script gaps. Write and debug the combat engine. Create and debug the CG gallery. Playtesting and editing. Release the game by end of May!