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Life Recently

Here's a random assortment of what I've been up to recently:

Less Multiverse

For several months Multiverse was my major creative outlet. Between making updates to the site itself, and using the site to design a custom Magic set of my own, my creative energies were quite strongly Multiverse-focused.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that that didn't last indefinitely. Six to nine months seems to be a standard length of time that I can keep up interest in a creative work. So, for whatever reason, I've not been putting as much effort into Multiverse as I had been. I used to be updating the codebase every week with new features and bug fixes; now it's more like every month.

In fact, I spent a couple of months or so not really doing anything much creative at all. I guess it's natural that creativity itself should have highs and lows.

But recently, my creative side has been finding expression again, in:

Mermaid Liaisons

Yes, I've gone back to writing Mermaid Liaisons! I'm really happy to be working on the game again. I spent several days trying to think myself back into the story, and figure out what bits of it I was unhappy with. Then I started rereading what script I've written so far, and found myself delighted by it, which while it feels somewhat narcissistic, or at least self-indulgent, is probably a good thing. I was making minor little edits for readability and style along the way. And then I got to some "TODO" gaps in the script, and it just felt natural to write those chunks to fill in the gaps... So I've filled in about half the "TODO" sections of chapters 2 and 3 just in the past few days. Chapter 2 is now about 90% done.

So yay Mermaid Liaisons!


Before getting back into writing ML, my creative expression was pretty minimal. The one area I was expressing creativity was in making some CisraStylePuzzles. AC-32 Treason is probably quite approachable for wordy types, if you're interested in a puzzle where the task is to figure out what to do. AC-33 Disemvowelling is probably only one for the hardened CisraStylePuzzle solvers out there.

Rachael and I also made puzzle treasure hunts for each other to solve on Easter Sunday, which was lots of fun... and both hunts turned out mysteriously to have a board games theme :) I got a little bit carried away creating part of that hunt, and so I turned that into a puzzle I could publish on Puzzle Bunny as well: AC-34 Agriculture.

Watching Bethany walking

I'm really enjoying being a dad, as well :) Bethany is a little over ten months old now, and continuing to grow and acquire new skills. A couple of weekends ago she took her first steps! There are a few videos up on our photo gallery of Bethany walking a few steps. It's now one of her favourite activities to crawl over to me, stand up, walk a few steps to Rachael, steady herself, walk back to me, and so on. She's clearly very pleased with herself when she stands up alone.

She's also continuing to say her one word, "Cat!", given the slightest feline excuse. The "T" on the end is there more often than not, and impressively, she can recognise photos and even cartoon drawings of cats and exclaim "Cat!" at them (while she doesn't do that for dogs, babies, fish and so on). She does say "Dadadadada" and "Mumumumum" quite a bit, but we've not seen any real indication that she means anything by them (although we still encourage her to say them in the right contexts).


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May. 12th, 2011 07:05 pm (UTC)
Ah, I'd better get drawing again then ^^ I think I owe you a couple of minor characters and a few backgrounds... ?
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