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A toddler playing with magnets and cats

Bethany's continuing to be delightful. She's toddling around the house confidently now. She discovered the magnets on the freezer, and has a delightful play pattern in which she picks a magnet off the freezer, plays with iit for a few seconds, then puts it into mummy or daddy's hands. Then a couple of seconds later she'll pick it out of our hands, and put it back on the freezer.

She has a concept now of giving things to people. Sometimes when she's done with a toy, she'll hold it out at Rachael or me, quite insistently, until we take it or she puts it into our hand or lap.

There was one utterly cute moment when she was playing in the porch with a toy, and Pepsi walked up. Bethany looked at the cat, said "Cat", and put the toy in front of Pepsi's paws! She gave the toy to Pepsi! It was so adorable.

Another recent habit of Bethany's is to walk up to me holding one of her books, and say something like "Dudi", as a request for me to read it with her. She does enjoy reading, a lot: she'll intently look at the pictures in a book and turn the pages, and once she gets to the end turn back to the start. She'll read any one book about six times before getting bored and picking up a different one. She doesn't seem to notice much whether we actually read the words or not, but we usually do for the first couple of times through a book.

"Cat" is still her only English word, but she's very consistent in saying it at any real cat, photo of a cat, or sometimes even drawing or cartoon of a cat. She does frequently say "Mum-um-um", but it generally seems to mean "This tastes nice". She often says "Dadadad" as well, but just as often to Rachael as to me, so I can't really claim she understands that word either. But she does understand certain other things we say to her: she can clap her hands when we say "Clap clap", and there's one book with a button that makes noise, and when we're reading it if we say "Can you press the button?" she will.

Just in the past few days she's had a slightly increased clingy phase, where she doesn't want to be held by me if Rachael's anywhere visible. But she used to be clingy like that and it passed, so I'm sure this will pass as well.

And of course, she's still meaning that the concept of "lie-in" no longer exists, it's far harder to go out in the evening, and our free time to spend with each other is a fraction of what it was before she was born. But she is delightful and charming, and as she gets more communicative I'm only expecting this will increase :)

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