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A very convivial evening

As I predicted, the stress faded away relatively quickly. The dinner with colleagues want on till 11pm, but it was actually very fun. I spent most of the dinner having a fascinating conversation with Bruno, on NaNoWriMo, writing, science fiction, time travel, and several related things. He's a creative guy too, but is very concerned about scientific accuracy, in the same way that I am but even more so: for example, in a sci-fi story about a region of Earth where time goes slowly, he'd worry about why that region doesn't fall behind the rest of the planet as Earth and the solar system rotate. Similarly, a story in which teleportation was cheap and easy would have to have some limitation to prevent thermodynamic impossibility by teleporting some object straight up, then harnessing the energy as it fell down again.

But he's got some interesting ideas about time travel stories. I encouraged him to write them, but he's not sure what language to write in: as a Swiss German, neither German nor Swiss German were exactly a native written language, and although he's written exclusively English for years including a PhD thesis, he feels he doesn't have enough grasp of idioms to write fiction in English.

There are many things I came away wanting to show him, including:
* Rachael's short story about time travel
* My NaNoWriMo novel from 05, Horizons
* My NaNoWriMo novel from 06, Ultimate Dream
* Robert McKee's Story
* That contest from some time ago containing many stories of six words each

In the absence of being able to remember the six-word stories, we started making some up, with some quite fun results, including:

* The cat was really an alien.
* He drew, but didn't shoot. “Uncle?”
* Sharp knife... He cut his bread.
* Didn't expect her to be awake...
* SPLAT! “Oh well, green's good too.”
* SC05 SC06 SC07 SC08 SC09 - Boom!
* “Go right.” “Go left!” “Too late...”
* “Where was the big truck again...?”
* He dug a grave... his own.
* Why does it happen to me?!
* “I wish gravity worked differently. Damn.”
* Plane: Hijacked; Boat: Exploded; Shuttle: Handcuffed.
That last was an attempt at a six-word trilogy, with a discernible plot for each two-word book. The idea was proposed after we noticed it was often possible for the twist to be a single word, but I think the first and second “books” above don't really have effective twists. I'd welcome other suggestions (as well as any more six-word stories that strike you) in the comments.

And then I came back to my room and wrote 300 words. Which isn't that much, but I also came up with a version of the plot that starts shortly that I'm much happier with. I was feeling with the 400 words I wrote this morning that I wasn't happy with the plot I was writing them towards – I was thinking they wouldn't make much sense, and would lend themselves rather too much to FridgeLogic. I now have a slightly different plot that I'm rather happier with. Best of all, I don't have to change any words I wrote this morning, since I hadn't quite got to the part that would have needed changing. There's not a single word of my novel so far that I'm expecting to delete (as opposed to replace) in the editing; Rachael convinced me that my zeugma can stay, which was the only part I was thinking would probably have to go.