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Shuffle meme

I keep thinking I'd like to post to LJ more. I've been really tired recently (for similar reasons to woodpijn), and always seem to be busy. I was considering doing a February or March Post-Every-Day thing and ask you all to suggest topics I should post on, as a way to force myself back into posting. But, as with all the other LJ posts I've considered making, I haven't got around to it...

But anyway. cartesiandaemon posted the Shuffle meme, which looks both fun and straightforward. Therefore, I shall participate.

The algorithm, as I understand it:

  1. Take the list of items from the place you saw it
  2. Remove one of them
  3. Sort the remainder in order of how much you like them (defined as you wish)
  4. Add one new item at the top, one new item at the bottom, and one somewhere in the middle.

The result of that algorithm has ended up as:

The Gospel of John
Climbing trees
Stuffed Dinosaurs
Undercooked Aubergine
Cycling in the rain

My order is fairly similar to Jack's. Undercooked aubergine is annoying both because it's hard to eat and not very pleasant to do so, but also because it's a waste of aubergine that could have been really yummy were it cooked properly! I do visit Twitter occasionally, but I'm not at all clear that its existence is a net positive for the world, whereas cuddly toys are clearly nice. I don't feel very strongly about either Twitter or stuffed dinosaurs, though, so it would have been simultaneously tricky and boring to choose something sufficiently in-between... so instead we have the simple pleasure of climbing trees :) Maths is obviously really awesome, sufficiently so that I had to pull out some pretty big guns to get above it! But given the idea of this is things will shuffle around, I decided to choose one that'll be slightly controversial, or at least likely to not get stuck at the top of everyone's list.