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Accidental zeugma

Shortly before leaving for work this morning, I said to Rachael, "I must brush my teeth and away!" We then proceeded to wonder whether this was a zeugma[1] or not. Clearly I didn't mean "I must brush my teeth and then I must brush away". But we concluded that it actually was a zeugma, distributed over "must": since "away" doesn't work as a verb on its own, but only as part of the phrase "I must away".

The pleasing part about this was that it was entirely unintentional on my part. Not that I didn't mean to say that - I did say precisely what I meant - but that my subconscious constructed the zeugma without any conscious intervention by me.

So, what fun zeugmas have other people encountered / said?

[1]Zeugma, to simplify, is when one word (like a verb) gets applied to multiple objects, particularly in a way such that the meaning of the single word changes when applied to the different objects. The classic example is three lines from Flanders and Swann's Madeira, M'Dear:
...He said, as he hastened to put out the cat, the wine, his cigar and the lamps...
She lowered her standards by raising her glass, her courage, her eyes, and his hopes.
When he asked, "What in Heaven?" she made no reply, up her mind, and a dash for the door!
Well, at least, that's how I'm using it. Wikipedia seems to have changed its mind recently on what counts as a zeugma and what counts as a syllepsis. I'm not that bothered about the technical distinction between the two, so I'm using "zeugma" throughout this post.