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A day of noveling in Reno

NaNo in Nevada is off to a good start, but it's been the easy bit so far...
Yesterday (Saturday) I wrote 2050 words. It was fairly easy to write a lot when I spent the whole day sitting in aeroplanes or airports, though. Today (Sunday) I wrote 1868 words, but I had quite a lot of time as I didn't go to anything on the official SC07 programme (sorry, Rob!).
Tomorrow, on the other hand, I'll be in tutorials from 9am-5pm, and at an exhibition dinner 7-9pm. There'll probably be some work socialising after that, too, but I might skip that. NaNo prospects for the day: not good.

Incidentally, a number of you may not know that there's an excerpt of my novel online, on the same page where you can see my wordcount creeping up. (It's currently 16005, when pro rata it needs to be 18333. But the past 2 years I've spent the whole month behind where I needed to be, so that doesn't mean I'm doomed. It's just setting me up for a dramatic rush from behind in the final few days. ;) )

Oh, just for fun, I've put my wordcounts spreadsheet online, so you can follow along at home.

Wikipedia pages researched today: Lieutenant, Harley Street

As I said, I haven't been to any proper SC07 activities yet, but I've been in Reno for a day... It's a strange place. There are casinos everywhere, including a giant one in the hotel's reception. The hotel does also include an arcade, but it's just one small room of arcade games, and then lots of kiddy games... as one of the other MathWorkers said, it's somewhere to send the kids of all the people who spend all day gambling in the casino :(

There are also lots of fully-animated LED adverts, like the couple in Piccadilly Circus, but scattered along many random streets.

All the internet access in the hotel is really expensive! There's Ethernet in the room, $12; Wi-fi in the room, $12; Wi-fi in the lobby, $14; or computers in the business centre, $5 per 15m. Grrr. So you'll probably only see my posts arrive a day late, as I'll be posting them from the free and fast SCinet wi-fi at the conference.

Current free gift accumulation and ratings: 2 1Gb USB sticks from SC07: very nice, 5/5. A cocktail shaker from SC07: meh, 1/5. A magic 8-ball from Microsoft: Just no. 0/5



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Nov. 12th, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
Yay, unlike your last post, this one has actually appeared on my friends page. Whatever you're doing differently, keep doing it.

$12 per what? I'd happily pay $12 for internet access over a whole week's stay. That's only £6, and we're paying £4.50 a week for it at home. But if it's $12 an hour then I see your point.

Yay for the USB sticks.

Just another 662 words and you'll have a third of a novel! *waves pompoms*
Nov. 12th, 2007 07:25 pm (UTC)
$12; Wi-fi in the room
Wow. I'd so be using someone else's MAC address.

A magic 8-ball from Microsoft: Just no. 0/5
That could be good, if it said things Microsoft like things such as "Wait for version 2" or "You won't make the release date".
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