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Happy New Year

Well, Rachael and I had a great Christmas holiday, spending a few days with each of our families, having fun, eating wonderful food and playing many great games. And now we're back, what has 2009 brought so far?

Our old friend (and my former housemate) Alan is moving back to Cambridge, and looking for somewhere to live; but the usual paradox is it's easier to find somewhere to live when you've got a base in the place you're wanting to live... So he's staying with us for a month or so while he finds a permanent base. He's never lived somewhere with pets before (I think he uses unicycles as pets instead), but he's finding Pepsi and Tango utterly adorable, understandably :)

We've picked up a magnificent haul of games since mid-December. Between Christmas presents, our first visit to Cambridge's new games shop Inner Sanctum, and one or two other purchases, we've acquired: Ingenious, Blue Moon City, Hive, Super Boggle, Visionary, StarCraft, Treasure of the Incas, Gheos, El Grande, and Agricola! *breathes* So this is making me rather happy.

If anyone wants to play these new games or old ones, there's a GamesAfternoon on this Saturday 10th January from 2pm, to which you'd all be welcome.

As usual, I have a few creative endeavours ongoing.
  • I'm trying to finish off my NaNoWriMo novel Fly Me To The Desert, but finding it slow going. Bizarrely, I'm more enthusiastic about editing the earlier bits than finishing the story, perhaps because there's a couple of key details about how the story ends that I still don't know. But I think the core story is good enough that it's worth persevering on this one.
  • I'm also getting distracted by my other projects, in particular plans for a sequel to Elven Relations. I'm aiming to get the game completely planned by the end of February, and use NaNoRenO to get the script written. I have lots of plans already, but I'm not telling just yet :)
  • Another thing I've been working on is my latest board game, Foundation of a Nation. I played it once over Christmas with the latest rules, and they worked well and people enjoyed themselves. I have a couple of minor tweaks planned (buildable walls, simpler starting), and a possible more major change to one of the resource decks that I occasionally consider, but the game seems to basically work well in its current form.
  • Then there's the Python and Javascript implementation of Caylus that I'm working on with Chris Howlett, which is plodding along.
  • And I'm also occasionally putting some creative effort into the planning of a ren'ai / tactical combat game, using the isometric unit and tile engines I wrote last year. I'm definitely planning on creating such a game at some point, but given the other projects I've just mentioned, it probably won't be this year.