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As you may be aware, I've been writing Mermaid Liaisons, the sequel to Elven Relations, for some time. I started writing script in March this year, so 5 months ago. The game's story is divided into 6 chapters, and I've written basically 4 of them. (Because of assorted branches that can occur within each chapter, it's not quite as straightforward as that.)

I've been finding myself flagging a bit. It's been several months that I've been writing, and although I'm well over halfway through – perhaps 70% or so – it still feels like there's an awful lot still to go, and my enthusiasm for the story has been waning. I posted a demo consisting of Chapter 1 (the smallest chapter), and people's reactions were encouraging. But the burst of enthusiasm from that seems to have been fairly short-lived, and so I'm finding myself making plans for other creative projects instead.

One of these is a ren'ai tactics game, using my Unit Engine that I wrote last year. I've been really wanting to actually use the Engine for a proper full-scale game, because it's only through doing that that I'll work through all the little fixes and usability enhancements that are needed for anyone else to be able to use the Unit Engine. I have a plot planned, too, and one I'm quite excited by. To mangle it down to one sentence, there'll be an establishment and a revolutionary group, both of which have their flaws and good sides, and you get to choose which to join; the story basically bifurcates there, but later in the game a couple of the combats will be present in both routes – you'll just be on a different side in each case. I know what a couple of the characters will be, and I'm going to really enjoy writing their scenes.

And I've also had another plot idea occur to me, which has been relentlessly bubbling around my brain for a week or so and I've been figuring out the high-level shape of the setting, characters and plot. It feels like a fairly fertile setting, and I think I could write it as this year's NaNoWriMo novel. (Otherwise, I'd spend NaNo either writing a sequel to Ultimate Dream, or writing the missing bits to a couple of my old unfinished NaNo novels. Both of which are also things I want to do sooner or later.)

So it's not that I'm short of creativity. I'm just finding myself uninspired by Mermaid Liaisons at the moment. I'm pretty sure it'll pass, but as woodpijn said, it's hard to know whether to follow your muse, or discipline yourself to carry on with the current project. I'm very sure I will finish Mermaid Liaisons at some point, but if I run with these other ideas for the next month, and spend NaNoWriMo writing a novel, it won't be this year.


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Sep. 11th, 2009 11:58 am (UTC)
Its so difficult to decide whether to try and push through on a project which is nearer completion but perhaps not so inspiring, or start work on something new (I think because one of the best parts of a project is when you're just starting it, so its all shiny and new and you feel like it could be your best work yet...once I get closer to the end of a long project I've usually learned so much from it that I feel that I could do a better job if I just started something new instead ^^; )

It just depends what you want to do more, especially for NaNo. I've seen Jen really enthusiastically writing a new novel, but I've also seen her (seem to) have just as much fun devoting NaNo to editing an existing novel that she wouldn't have found time to work on otherwise ^^

Most people I've talked to seem to advocate finishing the older projects before starting something new, as there's always the fear that you'll just keep starting things and never finish anything...but I can't see you falling into that trap judging by the novels and games you've completed in the past, so I would say just work on whatever makes you happiest at the time ^_^
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