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Coffee and Guerrilla Activism

At work, we have a tub of instant coffee granules, provided by the company for employees to use. (We also have more normal coffee making machines, but the final third of each pot tastes horrible, and that's usually all that's left.)
This tub of granules is boldly blazoned Nestlé, which has been rather vexing me for many months, because Nestlé are evil (still).

A couple of months ago, I was in Daily Bread, and spotted a catering-size tub of Cafédirect Fairtrade instant coffee granules on the shelf. On a whim I bought it, took it in to work, put it where the Nestlé had been and hid the Nestlé in a cupboard. I thought of it as a random act of guerrilla activism, showing I wasn't happy with the Nestlé, and didn't think much more about it.

A few days later, the kitchen manager at work came up to me and asked me if it had been me that put the Fairtrade stuff there. (She and I have spoken about such things in the past. At one point I asked if she could get Fairtrade stuff when she replaced the granules next, and she basically said "No", saying the company was trying to keep costs down in the "current economic climate".) So when she asked me this, I couldn't help giggling, and admitted to it. She suggested that if I felt strongly enough about it, I should email the facilities manager. So I did, offering to pay the difference between the cost of the normal coffee and the Fairtrade out of my salary.

I didn't hear anything back, and was wondering whether to chase, when several days later the kitchen manager came up to me holding a big tub of Fairtrade instant coffee and asked if this was suitable. I looked it over, and concluded it looked legitimate and good, and she said she'd been authorised to get this from now on. Woohoo!

(Of course, we've recently changed the layout of the kitchen, and the instant coffee granules are now in a big anonymous tub rather than sitting there proclaiming their Fairtradeness. So it's possible that in future that tub could get topped up with Nestlé and I wouldn't know. So I plan to keep asking every few months. But still, yay.)

It still makes me happy that the company's got an ongoing can recycling scheme, now maintained by the cleaners and facilities staff, but which was started by me and for several years consisted of me cycling to a can recycling depot with 2-3 sacks full of cans.

Next target: the packs of ground coffee for the coffee making machines, perhaps. If the company's using Fairtrade coffee in some places, they may as well go the whole hog.